19 Sep 2018 Outstanding desserts by Gregory Doyen at Coffeemania

Dear guests,

For 17 years we have been making for you our iconic desserts that became our symbol together with coffee. The professional level of Coffeemania’s Cake Buro pastry studio is so high that the world-known pastry chefs are eager to create with us new unforgettable confectionary items.

The fall will definitely not be dull thanks to outstanding desserts of a most talented French confectionary chef — Gregory Doyen.

Gregory experienced the magic of pastry early in his childhood while watching his mother cooking a fresh apple pie every Sunday. The kitchen became his favorite place. After five years of study at prestigious pastry schools Gregory began his professional way which turned out a success. His is only 34 but he has managed to work with such prestigious brands as Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hediard Group, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chanel, Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Jaguar and other renowned names.

Welcome the desserts by Gregory Doyen at Coffeemania!

Chocolate “galaxy” with vanilla cream “nebula” and bright mango and passion fruit “stars” on a crispy sponge cake.

Bilberry Dream
Delicate bilberry cream, bilberry confiture, and vanilla cream on almond sponge cake.

The perfect match — strawberry and coconut with vanilla cream and milk chocolate.

Pink Lady
As tender as it can be: lychee and strawberry confiture, raspberry cream and vanilla twist.

Vegan Forest
Improvisation on a classic Black Forest cake: chocolate sponge cake, cherry confiture and cherry chocolate cream. A vegan dessert that everyone will love.

Red and black: chocolate mousse, Manjari chocolate cream, and raspberry confiture.

You can try the desserts starting September 20.

*Menu at different Coffeemania locations may vary. Please look the menu at the website or ask a waiter.





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