15 Apr 2011 Gastronomic parkour in Coffeemania

From the 21th till 23th of April within Omnivore Festival of Creative Young cuisine the performance of one of the most extravagant and ambiguous French Chef — Gilles Choukroun will take place in Coffeemania on Trubnaya square.

For the first time Omnivore Festival gathers together the «planetary parade», where each Chef present himself as a bright individuality, and demonstrates his menu, which reflects his gastronomic view and not only that one.

Gilles Choukroun’s planet is a vanguard space, full of unexpected flavor somersault and improvisations. It’s like he plays a jam session in the kitchen and his instruments are his ingredients. And Gilles plays really good cuisine punk-rock. In his creations he always holds to the principle of independence, progressive and non-conformism. One of his hits of his own chart is Scallops with blood sausages and cacao or, for example, Penne stuffied with shrimps in A La Magrib dressing with caraway, lemon marmalade, olive and tomatoes.

Gilles started his profession career very early. He opened his first restaurant «Le relais d’Authou» in Eure-et- Loire province at 24 ages. (This restaurant took one Michelin star in 1996). Then, he opened The Agel’ Opera restaurant in Paris, which was very popular among all French beau monde.

The last Choukroun’s brainchild is MVC restaurant (it’s an abbreviation from three words: mint, basil and coriander). Here Chefs plays with different kinds of tastes, aromas, species and textures. His favorite ingredients are odorous herbs, citrus plants, nuts, caraway and of course his own curiosity.

Gilles freethinking and culinary open mind are very catching and now he has an association of like-minded Chefs — «Generation, cuisine, cultures». Luke Dushanbe, Head of Omnivore festival, says that Gilles Choukroun is not just only a chef, but he is the creator of his era.

Gastronomic set by Gilles Choukroun in Coffeemania

Grab «Under ground» with crumble from chestnut flour, pumpkin peanuts, gold flax and mashed earth apple with baked butternut pumpkin.

Diaphragm beef fillet with red carmine salad, Welsh onion in beet dressing.

Very Vanilla ice-cream with brioche, fleur d’orange, dates and ginger jam

Set cost — 2500 rbl.

As rather rare ingredients are used in Gilles Choukroun’s dishes, we managed to buy them in quite limited volume. So we recommend you to reserve tables beforehand. Reservation at  229-8459

Gilles Choukroun cooks in Coffeemania on Trubnaya square from the 21th till 23th of April from 3 p.m. till 8.00 p.m.




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