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16 May 2006 "Landscape Design" magazine photo-exhibition

"Coffeemania" is setting course for summer. New dishes, drinks, desserts, opening of the coffe-shop on Rozhdestvenka. Now it's turn for a new photo-exhibition.


Together with "Landscape Design magazine ("Mediatest" publishing house) we suggest that you enjoy some unique landscaping - creations of the best cordon bleus.


Watching nature and greens becalms, gives healthy influence on one's condition, waken creative potential. Anyway, it's useful to give some rest  to your eyes by changing brick walls, advertising posters and cars to something alive. And in such megapolis as Moscow it will come in handy for



And those visitors whose bill will make 3 000 rbl., will get a new issue of "Landscape Design" as a present, with a bit of nature on its every page.























































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