09 Oct 2010 Autumn Marathon – Kinki’s Tour in Coffeemania

October, 14 – November,7 Aaron Stott, the chef of Japanese restaurant KINKI, will take a gastronomic tour at the selected Coffeemania outlets in honor of 1 year anniversary since restaurant’s opening.

KINKI is located in Krylatskoe district and actually is the last Moscow restaurant before Ryblevka. The idea of gastronomic tour of one Moscow restaurant at another could seem strange for someone, except for the capital residents. In Moscow any trip outside the Sadovoe ring area to the remote suburbs could be compared to travelling to other city. The possibility to spend some extra hours in traffic jams beats off even the most pungent appetite. This gastronomic tour in the city center is a special gift from KINKI for all Coffeemania’s guests.

Aaron Stott offers the tasting menu of six dishes: Miso-soup with Crab Meat and Wasabi (590rbl), a light appetizer of Salmon Tataki with «Ribbon» Salad and «Jalapeno» Sauce (570rbl), Fillet Dorado with Pickled Onion and “Yuzu-miso” sauce (790rbl), Rack of Lamb with Wasabi Mash & Zuka Sauce (850rbl), an Asian dessert Pineapple-coconut Granata with Pink Pepper & Shiso (350rbl). The special thing – a mixed set from KINKI’s sushi bar Japanese Meal, which is served with Salmon & Tuna Sashimi, Salmon & Eel sushi, Salmon & Tuna Spicy Gunkans and Crisp Rolls with Scallop & Green Apple (1500rbl).

Each order of a separate dish is accompanied by a compliment – a shot of berry infusion on Japanese distillate sochu. For those who will want to try the maximum Aaron Stott offers Tasting Set (1900rbl) and Large Tasting Set (3000rbl), including all dishes from the menu. For the Sets two infusion on sochu shots are applied cherry and blackcurrant. Every Coffemania guest who orders anything from Aaron Stotta's menu will get 20 % discount card for onetime visit to KINKI.

Being a topnotch restaurant, KINKI is considered one of the best Japanese places in Moscow, headed by New Zealand chef Aaron Stott. The main and unique advantage of restaurant is a Japanese grill robata, originates from Japanese Middle Ages and first presented in Russia. The grill keeps the original taste of ingredients, and enhances it, making more deep and defined. Vegetables, seafood, fish and meat is cooked on Robata. All the products are being delivered to Moscow by plane from their countries of origin. Only at KINKI we serve homemade sochu cocktails - the latest trend from London and NYC restaurants.

The schedule of KINKI gastronomic tour in Coffeemania:

Bolshaya Nikitskaya st, 13/6 October 14-17
Kudrinskaya square, 46/54,bld.1 October 19-22
Trblnaya square,2 October 27-30
Lesnaya st.,5 November 4-7

  KINKI Address:

Osennyaya, st 11, tel. 781-1697




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