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21 Mar 2014 GRAND VOYAGE

Coffeemania restaurants with support of and Turkish Airlines is delighted to announce a new raffle for a week journey for two to one of the most colorful and interesting countries of Africa – Tanzania. You will enjoy an exciting safari in the national parks of Serengeti and Ngorongoro, accommodations at comfortable lodges &Beyond and Zanzibar beaches at one of the hotels of The Zanzibar Collection.

Being founded 141 years ago, is the leading African tour operator organizing exotic luxury trips to 56 African countries. provides the highest level of service based on profound experience and best prices.

Turkish Airlines flies to more countries than any other airlines and performs flights to more than 40 destinations in Africa. For the third time Turkish Airlines was granted with the title of «The best airlines in Europe 2013» in nomination «The passenger choice» by the SkyTrax.


On March 21 - 30 Coffeemania is delighted to offer a specially created Tanzania pastry at each of its Moscow branches.

By purchasing one of these pastries, you have a chance to win a week journey for two people to Tanzania. The winning pastry will be the one that contains a black chocolate candy inside.

The guests who will find white chocolate candies will receive a body butter Honeymania™ from the most ethical producer of natural cosmetics The Body Shop® Company or coffee beans from Tanzania roasted by Coffeemania’s roast masters.

Tanzania pastry – 500rbl

SERENGETI is the oldest, biggest and the most famous national park in Tanzania. Serengeti belongs to UNESCO world heritage program. The name of the park comes from а masai word «siringet», which means «endless plains».
Serengeti is the only place on Earth where the largest numbers of wild animals are concentrated – more than 4 million different species. Serengeti is considered the best place on Earth for watching lions’ life, cheetah and giraffes. The most dramatic and impressive natural phenomenon – the Great migration takes place exactly in this area.

NGORONGORO is a national park on the territory of a huge crater of 22 kilometer in diameter and 610 meters in height, located on the brink of Serengeti savanna. It appeared in the place of a destroyed volcano more than 2,5 million years ago. There are more than 25000 animals in the park. It’s considered to be the place of the highest density of African predators. The famous flamingo lake is located at the bottom of the crater. Ngorongoro is a unique place that has developed its own natural environment for many animals who could not get out of its limits. The Olduvai gorge also located in the park is famous for being a homeland for the remains of Homo Habilis («skilled people») as well as Australopithecus and other relics such as prehistoric elephants, giant sheep and ostriches.

ZANZIBAR is located in the Indian Ocean not far from oceanfront of Tanzania. It is an exciting place where one can get away from the whole world. Turquoise waters, snow white sands banks and dozens of small almost deserted islands – a real retreat for the best holidays ever.

HONEYMANIA™ is a luxurious body butter, a real treat for your body from The Body Shop® Company. Wild honey is gathered in Ethiopian rainforest Sheka within «Fair trade» program to prooduce this body butter. Experienced beekeepers manually collect honey from the ripest gold honeycombs, proving its exceptional quality and unsurpassed nutritional properties. The Body Shop® Company collaboration with Beza Mar beekeeper farm helps to save thousand woods hectares from felling and ensures constant income for local people.

TANZANIAN COFFEE is an amazing African sort of Arabica with rich and refined taste of backed apple with nut and creamy toffee notes. The coffee grows on the highest south side of Kilimanjaro Mountain, in the clean rainforest, where damp cool wind blow from the Victoria Lake.





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