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20 Mar 2009 "Coffeemania's Friend"

Dear guests!

The program of  "Coffeemania's Friend" has started at our coffeeshops. "Coffeemania's Friend" card* gives you an opportunity to get the next one – a card of our Regular Customer with 15% discount for all menu.


Terms of Usage:


1. Use this card every time when you visit Coffeemania. You should visit Coffeemania 50 times during 90 days from the moment of the card's activation.

2. If you didn't get 50 visits during 90 days the card zeroes. In this case you should activate it one more time and get another 50 visits during 90 days again.

3. Always! give the card to a waiter before you ask for a bill to pay.

4. The number of days and visits are left to make, will appear on your bill. When you finally get the required number of visits, the following will be written in your bill: "You are Coffeemania's Regular Customer". Then you will be able to get your Regular's card right in the coffee-shop by addressing to a waiter.


For more details – 781-1690


* Limited edition




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