26 Jun 2008 We are the champions!

 On June, 21st SCAE has presented new competition - Ibrik/Gezve Coffee Brewing. Participants of 9 countries (the Great Britain, Lebanon, Greece, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Czech) took part in this first competition and it’s attracted greater audience. In this competition the participant should prepare coffee in the Ibrik and an author's drink for 15 minutes. Ibrik/Gezve Coffee Brewing – it’s a competition of preparing styles in Ibrik/Gezve and it’s also a great performance .The audience was impressed by the presentation of teams from Turkey and Great Britain ,their performances were  accompanied with amazing east dances .

Russia has won! Gleb Nevejkin and Nadezhda Motylkova - trainers of Coffeemania’s Department barista have won a rank of World champions. Our team did not dance, but the music “the incendiary saber dance” from  Hachaturjan’s ballet - has added exotic atmosphere and energy to their performance. Greek participants took second place, the third has got by representatives of Turkey.




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