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16 Feb 2007 The Lent

This year the Lent will last from the 19th of February till the 8th of April.


For those who want to keep the fast and to limit themselves with amusements it is not necessary to refuse from the habit to have a cup of cappuccino in Coffeemania. A new version of a favorite drink will appear in menu - cappuccino on a soymilk.


Trditionally  we prepared a special menu, thanks to which the Lent time will pass insensibly and in the same time in agreement with all canons. At least in what concerns food.


Mushroom Pancakes with Mashed Potatoes, Ajaccio Soup, Draniki with Vegetables, Vareniki, Mushroom Mix with Potatoes - this is not the whole list of "Coffeemania's" Lenten dishes. Also in our menu you'll find some deserts which are allowed even during the Lent.





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