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25 Jan 2007 TimeOut Eating & Drinking Awards

This year "TimeOut Eating & Drinking Awards"  took place for the first time
in Moscow. This Award has a history of more than 20 years.

The nominees for the Award were discussed and chosen in 2 stages.
The first step was the voting of the restaurants guests and this is how three leaders were determined. After that the expert committee chose the winners. Thus "TimeOut Eating & Drinking
Awards" is well-balanced combination of the experts' marks and restaurant guests'

On the 23th of January the Award Ceremony took place and "Coffeemania" on
Bolshaya Nikitskaya st. was mentioned as the best confextionary coffee-shop in Moscow.

In general "Coffeemania" figured in two nominations -

"The best coffee-shop" and "The best breakfast"

We congratulate our employees and thank all our guests!




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