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06 Mar 2006 World with eyes wide-open with Steppes travel!

Besides romantic thoughts the Spring also brings reflections on the upcoming vacations.


It doesn't matter whether you're going to spend holidays in summer or when the first sunbeam will appear - it's time to think over the route.     


Of course you may go off on a usual journey across the Europe or Russia, but there are so many interesting and exotic places on the planet worth to be seen at least once. Coffeemania will make you sure of that.  


From the 7th  of March till 3rd of April a new photo-exhibition "World with eyes wide-open" will take place in the coffee-shop on Nikitskaya st. You could see unique pictures from the most unexpected places of our Earth donated to us by the individual tourism agency "Steppes Travel".    


You will see neither the Eiffel Tower, nor the Big Ben, nor the Coliseum but still you won't be indifferent.  


Hopefully, our exhibition will help you to take a new look on the world-map and to plan your vacation with more adventurism.




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