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05 Jun 2019 Raffle held by Coffeemania and Cake Buro pastry studio

Dear guests,

Enjoy our summer surprise! At the beginning of this summer season — the time of romantic weddings and happy holidays, we decided to raffle a really big special occasion cake.

June 6–16, Cake Buro, a reputed pastry studio that creates desserts and cakes for Coffeemania, raffle a certificate for an exclusive cake worth of 60,000 rubles and consolation prizes — a set of two desserts of your choice.

To participate in the draw, just buy a special dessert Cake Buro, created by our pastry chef Elena Shakaryan, and find a chocolate bonbon inside. If you are lucky and the bonbon is made of red chocolate, you are the winner of the main prize. If you get a white chocolate bonbon, you will take two desserts with you*.


Meringue with hazelnuts, nut «heart», chocolate cream «azelia» with a twist of roasted hazelnuts, and nut icing.

Cake Buro is a pastry atelier that has been creating Coffeemania desserts and ritzy custom-made cakes since 2001. In 2018, our pastry chefs team was granted with the major national award, Wedding Awards Russia, in the nomination «Best Wedding Confectioner».

We create emotional cakes that you remember for a lifetime. Trends, cutting-edge pastry making techniques, classic and original tastes — all these help us to embody the most courageous wishes of the guests. And no one has yet managed to convince us that a cake for a holiday is not the best gift ☺

*All conditions that apply to the certificate are given in the certificate form. Consolation prizes (2 desserts) are selected by the guest on the day of winning from the desserts available at the restaurant at this time. Dessert Cake Buro is not available for takeaway.







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