22 Nov 2018 Coffeemania won a wine award!

Dear guests,

We have great news — our restaurants Coffeemania and Cheapside received the prestigious award for the best wine lists — the independent national wine list award «Russian Wine Awards» 2018!

Experts awarded the highest category of «three stars» to the wine lists of Grand Coffeemania on Lubyanka, Coffeemania Sochi, and Cheapside burger bistro in the nomination «Best Short List», as well as the «two stars» to Grand Coffeemania and Coffeemania Sochi in the nomination «Best Choice of Wine by Glass» .

We thank the Russian Wine Awards committee for the awards and all our colleagues involved in working on the wine list!

And, of course, we invite all guests to celebrate this wonderful event at Coffeemania restaurants, especially since today is our traditional «Wine Thursday»! This means that all bottled wines and champagne are available with 50% off! :)




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