02 Jun 2018 Raffle in honor of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™

Dear guests,

On the eve of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ together with the official World Cup Champagne Taittinger we invite you to try your luck at a raffle.

Buy our new dessert I ♥ FOOTBALL and find a chocolate bonbon inside the dessert.

Those who get a black chocolate bonbon inside the dessert will receive two tickets for one of the four main parties in the spectacular loft from Taittinger and MBG Wine company. If you get a white chocolate bonbon inside the dessert, you will receive a consolation prize — the official World Cup soccer ball or a complement from Taittinger*.

I ♥ Football dessert
yoghurt mousse with vanilla, raspberries, lemon sponge cake


13 June The World Cup kick-off party

14 June The first Russian team game

14 July The Gala Dinner at Turandot restaurant to honor the World Cup final

15 July Farewell Party

The Taittinger Champagne house is one of the oldest in Champagne province. It began its history in 1734. Taittinger is still a family business, which owns more than 300 hectares of land with vineyards. The highest requirements to the quality of production allowed Taittinger to become an acclaimed elite champagne with worldwide popularity. Taittinger is exactly that glass of a delicious and elegant drink that is born to celebrate the victories of your favorite sportsmen!

* The choice of prizes is the subject of their availability in the restaurant at the time of the raffle.




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