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02 Dec 2017 New Year is coming

Dear guests,

Choosing Christmas presents that will appeal to everyone is a challenge. But we know what they should look like. Unusual, surprising, moving and, of course, delicious.

Meet the four beautiful gift ideas for greetings your loved ones!

“Malakhit” Cake

The cake is inspired by the main attribute of the New Year — fancy Christmas tree and is decorated with a golden dog as the symbol of 2018. Golden-green cake is made in a trendy sugar lace technique with a filling of sponge cake, light cream, layered with mashed sorrel and honey-aloe jam. Unusual taste and color will make a real surprise!

"Spiced Mulled Wine" Cake

Red is another symbol of the New Year. Decorated with a shiny Christmas ball and rosemary’s sprig it creates a special festive mood. Spiced cake, flavored with honey and cinnamon, crispy layers of milk chocolate, praline and wafer crumbs with a heat of sliced pear and your favorite mulled wine from Coffeemania will bring you in a festive mood.

"Malakhit" and "Spiced Mulled Wine" desserts

Mini-variations on a theme of our Christmas cakes.

"Snowman" dessert

Our traditional Christmas choux dessert Snowman made with vanilla and whipped cream. Dressed in a white chocolate “suit”, decorated with red cream garland and chocolate bowler hat. Always ready to grace your holiday table!

Christmas Tree ”Yolochka”

Handmade chocolate bonbons are laid out in the shape of a Christmas trees in a gift box. Three piquant flavors – rosemary, Baileys and rum – will certainly appeal to admirers of refined sweets.

We accept pre-orders for cakes and sweets starting December 1, the cakes and desserts will be available at the restaurants on December 20-31.




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