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05 Oct 2017 New menu in Coffeemania

Dear guests,

We invite you to try our new season dishes inspired by Fall with its vibrating colors, nature treasures and poetic mood.

The favorite of the menu is pumpkin chosen as the most interesting seasonal ingredient by our brand-chef Vitaliy Karsaev.

You might remember a character from the Italian children’s book Tales of Chipollino — the old Mr. Pumpkin, who was always unhappy. On the contrary, our pumpkins are fresh and beautiful that is why all new dishes that are made of this veggie are amazing.

We highly recommend trying Baked Pumpkin and Home-made Granola, Cardamom Flavored Pumpkin cake with maple syrup, or Chicken Fillet with Fragrant Herbs with Sliced Pumpkin.

We know how much you enjoy our Menu for Easy & Healthful Life which we creat with the help of a professional nutritionist, so we have added many new dishes onto it. You can find the lightest and most balanced food here. For example, Pumpkin Hummus served with feta cheese, pumpkin chips and cilantro sprouts

To smooth the upcoming cold weather, we brought some of your favorites back to the menu: Bessarabian pumpkin cream soup, Barynya-svyokla salad, Russian salad with quail, Cabbage rolls with veal and Borodinskiy black bread chips, and others you might have wanted to come back.

We look forward to seeing you!




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