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17 Apr 2017 Matcha Fest in Coffeemania at Polyanka

Dear guests!

Welcome to the first spring matcha•fest — the festival dedicated to the beverages based on japanese matcha green tea.

The Festival takes place at Coffeemania Polyanka on April 21-30.






GREEN VELVET (matcha, white chocolate ganache and milk) 400

We can brew your cappuccino or latte with coconut or almond milk upon your request. Moreover, you can try hand-made marshmallow by Sister’s Whoopies which are made exclusively for the matcha•fest. Two of them — Marshmallow Matcha and Marshmallow Caramel  — are brand new.

Get a new matcha experience by participating in our Festival activities!

Subscribe to our Instagram account and take photos of festival menu beverages with #матчафест hashtag and Coffeemania Polyanka geolocation.

On May 4, our jury will choose the best photo, and its author will get the special prize — a cake from our confectionary studio Cake Buro.

Ordering your first festival drink, do not forget to take a special matcha card. With every drink you buy, you will get a sticker. By filling up your card with five stickers, you could get another complimentary matcha drink.

During the Festival, every guest of Coffeemania Polyanka with a Coffeemania’s Friend card could get double visits on his/her card. The guest who will get the biggest amount of visits on April 21-30 will be awarded with a Zavsegdatai membership card. The results will be also announced on May 4.

Matcha is an amazing Japanese invention. That green tea has all known useful properties and is the strongest anti-oxidizing agent. Matcha delivers velvety texture and marvelous mild taste to drinks and resembles a bit molten green tea ice cream being mixed with milk. The Japanese grind green tea leaves on large stone discs to make the matcha powder and then pack it into vacuum bags to protect fragrance and taste from extraneous odors.

At Coffeemania we brew matcha Uji-no-shiro from Uji region near Kyoto. Our matcha is made from Japanese tea Tencha — not curled leafs of green tea grown in shade. Shelter from the sun bolsters the quantity of amino-acids giving the tea sweet taste and decreases catechine (bitter tannins) content and adds nice specific fragrance.

We cook cappuccino and latte using matcha instead of coffee and mixing it only with coconut or almond milk, that is why our drinks suit vegetarians or anyone caring for his/her health.

Matcha Lemonade is perfect support for sport activities and active lifestyle. It allays thirst, replenishes energy, helps to fight stress and improves the mood.




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