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20 Feb 2017 Maslenitsa in Coffeemania

Dear Guests!

Today is the start of the old Slavic holiday Maslenitsa, which will take a week of February, 20 - 26.

Maslenitsa symbolizes the end of the winter and reminds about the Lent approaching. First of all Maslenitsa is plenty of food, especially blinis, fun and dancing all night long. Our ancestries believed that those who have spent Maslenitsa boring would be out of luck for the rest of the year. That’s why carnivals and festivals were held for seven days and ended by burning of the Winter Dummy on the central square.

We also like Maslenitsa and especially for this holiday we prepared Blinis Menu.

In all Coffeemanias, including Domodedovo and Sheremetievo Airports you can try our blinis with various toppings: sour cream, red caviar, with home pickled salmon, meat, сottage cheese and pumpkin in caramel, apple, jam, condensed milk, honey and other tasty delights. .

Please, find a detailed menu on our web-site site







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