29 Jun 2015 New "Menu for Easy Life"

Dear guests!

We present you the new "Menu for Easy Life."

Many of you have asked us to come up with such dishes that are tasty, easy and contribute to the maintenance of health and slenderness.

We considered this matter very seriously and invited a professional nutritionist and doctor Irina Gromova. She helped us to create balanced recipes that apply all demands of nowadays system of healthy eating and keep being delicious at the same time.

We took into account all the details: the weight of portions, compatibility of ingredients, and the required amount of their relation to each other. We also applied sparing methods of cooking without frying in oil.

Now at Coffeemania you can not only dine ordering steamed food, but also enjoy the delicious food that will help you to maintain and improve health.

The new menu will be introduced at our restaurants step by step. At the moment you can find it at two Coffeemania on Bolshaya Nikitskaya and on New Square but you can find it soon at other restaurants. Please, follow our news on our web site and in social media groups.

Enjoy life, delicious hearty meal and fellowship at our restaurants!




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