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Добрый вечер! После 22:30 мы принимаем заказы на следующее утро или в другой удобный день и время.


16 Feb 2015 Visiting Maslenitsa

Dear friends!

The ancient Slavic holiday Maslenitsa begins today and runs from the 16th till the 22th of February.

Maslenitsa is a fun farewell to winter, brightened with joyful expectation of upcoming warmth and spring nature renewal.

Pancakes are the indispensable attribute of the holiday symbolizing the sun, which every day flares up brighter and makes days longer.

Our ancestors believed that the one who spent the pancake week tediously would be unfortunate for the whole year. Therefore, the festivities continued for seven days and ended with the burning of a winter dummy on a town square.

We also love Maslenitsa and we have prepared a pancake menu especially for this feast. You can enjoy it at all our Coffeemania restaurants including Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports.

Our pancakes are served with various toppings: sour cream, red caviar, with home pickled salmon, meat, cheese, apple, jam, condensed milk, honey and other tasty delights.

You can find the menu on our website




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