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21 Feb 2012 ALTAI MENU from Coffeemania Brand-Chef

Coffeemania brand-chef Vitaly Karsaev has recently come back from his trip to Altai – one of the most beautiful Russian regions, which is often called Siberian Switzerland.

Altai is a very generous place well-known not only for its picturesque landscapes but also for its delicious and natural eco-products as honey, herbs, grain.

Especially for Coffeemania guests our brand-chef has created a new menu with specialties made out of the Altai delicacy – meat of a Siberian stag (maral).

This type of a tender lean deer meat is considered a dietary food rich of vitamins and cholesterol free. We use Altai cedar nut oil and Altai herbs in maral meat cooking.

Maral meat beefsteak                                                          790 rbl
with mixed greens and fern

Maral Meatballs                                                                     650 rbl
served with potatoes and herbs in maral broth

Maral Pelmeni                                                                         510 rbl
“Russian ravioli” sprinkled with butter and greens

Maral Broth                                                                              550 rbl
with Maral Mini-pelmeni




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