10 Oct 2011 Taiwanese Tea Art Master Kung Yu-Yao comes to Coffeemania

We invite a very interesting personto Coffeemania – a Taiwanese TeaArt Master Kung Yu-Yao, whodevoted more than 30 years to hispassion and his profession –the Tea Art.Master Kung is a co-founder of thecompetition for professional teabrewers in Taiwan and also a veryfamous and respected consultantfor many tea shops andrestaurantsin all South-Eastern Asia and GreatBritain.
nbsp;Master Kung doesn’t look like anAsia Guru, who wears traditionalclothes, reserved and estranged. Onthe contrary he wears t-shirts andjeans; he is a very energetic, charmingperson with catching laugh.nbsp;Besides his wide knowledge on tea,Master Kung also plays guitar and ridesa bicycle.Master Kung always tries to get new knowledgeand doesn’t stay in the frames of his culture.He travels a lot, looking for new herbs, whichhe uses in his own tea compositions.nbsp;Also Master Kung researches and tries tounderstand such phenomena as ahuman taste perception. He thinks andcan show how differently tastes playif you try anything by differenttaste sensors like a tongue, apalate, a cheek, etc.At this time for Coffeemaniaguests Master Kung showsSyphon coffee brewing technology.The Syphon was invented inthe 19th century, but in the 20thcentury started losing its popularity.nbsp;But now the Syphon is very popularand is a modern trend in coffeeculture of Japan and Taiwan. Due tothistechnology coffee oxygenates andgets more full and rich taste.nbsp;Master Kung will be brewing coffee inthe Syphon at Coffeemania onPokrovka Street.nbsp;October, 11th from 10a.m till 12.00p.mOctober, 13th from 10a.m till 13.00p.mnbsp;Coffee Syphon – 150rbl




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