03 Oct 2011 A Journey to Rainbow Country – the South African Republic

Specially for Coffeemania guests with support of South African Republic Embassy and the first-rate tour operator for Africa* (  and one of the best world Etihad Airways* ( we would like to present an exquisite journey which you can win taking part in a raffle to be held in Moscow Coffeemania restaurants from the 3rd  till 16th of October. This tour for two will include the main sightseeing places as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, the Cape of Good Hope, and safari park.

Information partner of the event is RelaxFM radio station.

If you want to win this trip you need to buy a pastry named Table Mountain, which was called in honor of one of the famous nature phenomenonin South Arica.

A guest who will find a white chocolate candy inside the pastry will win the first prize – the trip to South African Republic for two people.

A black chocolate candy found inside the pastry means that a guest gets one of other prizes:  a music collection CD from RelaxFM, a travel kit from Etihad Airways, a Rooibos tea pack, or a bottle of South African wine from Simonsig winery imported by Fort company.

Simonsig wine is made from the grapes, which are cultivated in one of the biggest privately owned wine-producing farms of the country.  Simonsig Wine Estate is situated in the region of Stellenbosch, located 45 km to the East of Cape Town.
Coffeemania will compliment every participant of the raffle with a unique beverage – a cup of Cappuccino Rooibos.  

Rooibos is considered a gastronomic phenomenon in South Africa Republic. Leaves of these bushes are used not only for preparing tea, but recently Rooibos started to be used for making espresso based beverages by espresso making coffee machines. Rooibos has a bracing, tonic effect without caffeine and is full of antioxidants which juvenescent our organism.

Table Mountain pastry -  500rbl

Rooibos cappuccino is a complement by Coffeemania.

More details about the journey you can find in our website www.coffeemania.ruin the News articles.

P.S. Your choice of consolatory prizes depends on their currant availability at our restaurants. Every guest taking part in the raffle automatically agrees to give his/her personal data needed to execute the prize giving. The organizers have right to public all results of the raffle on their informational resources. The organizer can take interview or make photos of a winner without any extra reward if he/she agrees. The main prize will be handed out in one of the Coffeemania restaurants by organizers’ representatives on a date agreed with a winner. 




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