27 Mar 2020Temporarily suspend a charity marathon

We`ll arrange another two days of fundraising after starting work in the usual mode.

27 Mar 2020Work only as a delivery and launch dark kitchen

From March, 28 to April, 5 our restaurants will be closed to visitors.

26 Mar 2020Own Coffeemania delivery

Convenient, fast and safe!

26 Mar 2020Three new dishes at Coffeemania

By brand-chef of Coffeemania restaurants and Hello People! chef-bistro Alexey Petrichenko.

24 Mar 2020Charity Marathon of Coffeemania and “Starost v radost” Foundation

We help those who have the hardest time to survive!

23 Mar 2020Reduce the amount of sugar in the desserts

New versions of the main hits you can enjoy today!

21 Mar 2020Children’s animation is temporarily suspended

20 Mar 2020Extending the validity period of Coffeemania Friend card

Now we count the number of visits for 14 months, not 12.

18 Mar 2020Two new lemonades at Coffeemania

Bright cherry flavor or citrus yuzu notes.

16 Mar 2020We do everything to make restaurants safe for you

Know more about taken measures.




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