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Мобильные приложения Кофемании:
Good evening! After 22:30 we only accept orders for tomorrow or any other day.
Next time slot available for delivery is 09:00 in the morning (depends upon your location).
Orders made after 22:30 are available for pickup. Restaurants working hours information and other details are available here.


14 May 2020Choose Coffeemania own delivery

This way we guarantee quality.

06 May 2020Surprises for friends and relatives with Coffeemania “Karantinka” gift.

Presenting a dessert to the order.

01 May 2020Coffeemania picnic baskets

Meat marinade by brand-chef of Zhazhda Krovy restaurant Pavel Potseluev.

19 Apr 2020Own Coffeemania delivery

Convenient, fast and safe!

15 Apr 2020Subscription on intellectual movie is given to you by Coffeemania

In an online movie theatre

07 Apr 2020Easter dessert collection at Coffeemania

By creative pastry chef Gregory Doyen.

06 Apr 2020Coffeemania business-breakfast at your home

Hold conferences in the familiar format.

31 Mar 2020Russian Restaurant Festival Home Edition at Coffeemania

Three festival sets by bargain price.

27 Mar 2020Temporarily suspend a charity marathon

We`ll arrange another two days of fundraising after starting work in the usual mode.

26 Mar 2020Three new dishes at Coffeemania

By brand-chef of Coffeemania restaurants and Hello People! chef-bistro Alexey Petrichenko.




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