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Coffee & Barista

Coffeemania’s Barista Department works mostly with coffee and beverages, developing new recipes and educating future coffee and beverages experts as well as looking for new equipment options and
tableware settings.


Green Coffee Beans

Several times a year we visit countries, where coffee is grown, we try more than a dozen coffee plantations in order to choose the best ones.


Such trips give us the opportunity not only to bring the fresh coffee harvest, but also to gain new knowledge about coffee. When we come to a coffee plantation, we realize that all our knowledge about coffee from books is nothing compared to what we see with our own eyes.

Roasting Coffee Beans

We roast coffee beans by ourselves.
We have two coffee roasters and they work with a vintage roaster machine Probat.

Coffee roasting seems to be easy but it is a difficult process.

We apply different approaches for each sort of coffee, meaning the right time, temperature and other parameters affecting the result.

The results of our work you can try at our Coffeemania restaurants.


A beautiful Italian word «barista» means a person, who works at a bar counter, while the rest of the world uses it to identify those who are associated only with coffee brewing

Therefore, a barista is a person whose work is concentrated only on preparing drinks based on espresso. A barista can be compared to a chef who knows how to approach the product in order to get the best version of it in a cup.

If we talk about coffee with milk, the taste depends on the appearance, that is, how the milk is infused with coffee. So one must learn many things to master the coffee art in perfection.

If you want to become barista in Coffeemania you need to start a professional career by preparing drinks like tea, cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails. It means that the candidate must be already barista like in Italy.

Coffeemania’s Barista Training Center qualifies the professionals at coffee making. Training—managers or counter-managers keep an eye for beginners to understand how much s/he is eager to learn and how serious a candidate is about the chosen profession. It takes 2-4 months to train a Barista at a Basic Level. Then the next 10-12 months they go through various training and classes to improve their skills and develop a career, with devotion to work, personal interests and talent.

The result is an exciting work and opportunity to grow with our company.

I want to be a Barista



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